Alimenta is a company that relies on the professional experience of Food Technologists and the collaboration of the University of Catania, Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Technology.

After an initial phase of professional experience in consultancy sector Alimenta has decided to invest in an even more ambitious project, such as that of healthy confectionery.

The experimentation allowed us to develop a product line suited to those who are particularly careful to the physical form, the healthy and balanced diet and also to those who have line problems or allergies.

Kebontà joins the project "restart from here" for social integration in the labor. Kebontà won also the prize GCS for the social commitment involving 14 detainees in its activities.

Alimenta Ltd is the owner of the trademark "Kebontà ©", and already in the handbook of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC).

Our products of "Green Line" are certified by the Ministry of Health and are present in the National Register of the Ministry of Health.

Award competition FOSAN "John Tomassi." Award-winning cakes Mouse Cake, Fru - Fru and Mokaccina. Four awards for the nutritional and sensory quality.