In the province of Catania, in the town of Aci Sant'Antonio, is born Kebontà, a different way of doing goodness. To meet the demands of our customers all the production is made with natural ingredients exclusively made in Italy brand, certified gluten-free. We have chosen to produce using traditional methods to protect the quality, safety and originality of the product. This makes our products, more easily digestible, suitable for those who are intolerant or celiac or simply for those who choose a good and balanced diet. In the near future our project also includes a production of cakes and desserts low in calorie and no added sugar. The decision to reduce the amount of sugar in our production allows for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and even those who are overweight to enjoy safely our cakes.

Gluten Free Goodness!

All our products are certified gluten-free. Our production lines are in fact exclusively dedicated to gluten-free. This avoids any possible contamination. The decision to produce gluten-free is a business philosophy. Gluten-free products are more easily digested and therefore more healthy for everyone.

Goodness For Everyone!

Our desserts are low-calorie. Never exceed 300 Kcal for this reason they are a sin of gluttony for those who are careful to the physical form

Without add of sugar goodness!

The decision to reduce the amount of sugar allows athletes, fitness enthusiasts and even those who are overweight to taste our cakes

We do not use hydrogenated fats!

Not good to your health if taken excessively, increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risk of heart problems. These are the reasons why our products are free from hydrogenated fats.

Only natural ingredients!

Only natural ingredients! Our production is made with carefully selected ingredients. The ingredients used are natural and authentic. The food, as well as a source of pleasure, it is also a source of health personally and for this reason we choose carefully every single ingredient.

Made in Italy!

Italy is recognized worldwide for its gastronomic heritage. We are proud to represent the made in Italy. For this reason, our ingredients are Italian.