We work in compliance with the most accurate hygiene standards

We care for our customers, for this reason we respect the hygiene practices and adopt accurate and strict control processes. We are proud of our achievements. See you there!

We do not use hydrogenated fats

Hydrogenated fats are produced by pumping high pressure hydrogen to cheap oils in order to saturate the unsaturated bonds to obtain saturated fat at low cost (solid at room temperature, margarines). The problem arises from the fact that the saturation takes place in a random way and non-selective (which happens instead in a natural way into the cells for work of enzymes). The randomness generates both cis fats, which are regularly recognized by our enzyme system, and trans fats. Unfortunately, our enzymes do not recognize them, and in this lies their 'toxicity' (coronary heart disease, insulin resistance and atherosclerosis).

What does it mean Healthy Good Patisserie?

To meet the needs of consumers aware of the quality of the ingredients and their effect on health, we chose a more low-glycemic index sweeteners, not hydrogenated fats and gluten-free flours. Gluten consists of two proteins are not easy to digest, so our products can be enjoyed by intolerant as well as by celiacs thanks to the specific certification that our company has achieved.

Why the choice of an artisan work?

The choice of a production using traditional methods reflects the intention to invest more on the person that on the machines, that intention is reflected inexorably on the product, considering that some traditional practices may not be reproduced in any other way. In addition, the traditional method allows us to create original, creative and quality products.

Why the choice to produce gluten-free?

All of our products are made with certified gluten-free ingredients. This stems from the need to create products easier to digest, to meet the needs of persons intolerant or celiacs or simply those who choose a good and balanced diet.

What does it mean Made in Italy?

We are sure to be a country attached its own traditional pastry and being in possession of ingredients of the highest standard, for this reason, we choose products with a unique brand made in Italy.